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Don’t Remove Ancient Boundries

Proverbs 22:28 Don’t cheat your neighbor by moving the ancient boundary markers set up by previous generations.

Right now in the USA there are major reforms in immigration.  Controlling our borders is a major issue.  Many wars have been waged over borders and ancient boundary markers.  Land means money. Boundaries mean control.  However they also mean security. Though annoying, security in the airport is a big deal, and I am very grateful it is taken seriously. 

God has set up some major ancient boundaries when it comes to our sexual lives:

#1- No Sex Before Marriage 
Sex was God’s idea designed for marriage.  1 Thessalonians 4:1-5 encourages us to stay away from sexual sin and control our own bodies. When I do premarital counseling with a couple who is having sex, it is very different from the one who is not.  The wedding day is different.  It is pure!

#2- No Dating or Marrying Unbelievers
2 Corinthians 6:14 There are not good people and bad people.  There are only lost people and found people.  Lost people still walk in darkness, and as believers we are to share Jesus with them but not be pursuing intimate relationship with them. 

#3- Homosexuality is a Sin
Romans 1:26-27, 1 Corinthians 6:9-11. Homosexuality is not the “unpardonable” sin, in fact it is not greater than lust, pornography, or sex before marriage. It is still a sin, and, like all sexual sin, it has the power to destroy you.  God is working for you, and the enemy is working to destroy you.  

#4- No Sexual Touching (outside of marriage)
1 Corinthians 7:1. In teenage world, I get asked all the time “How far is too far?”  What they are really asking is how close to sin can I get without making God angry and making me feel guilty. The better question is how far from sin can I get, to not get caught in its trap?  Also, masturbation alway has lust attached to it, and Jesus said lust is the same as adultery. Run from sexual sin!

#5-No Lustful Thinking
Matthew 5:27-28, Job 31:1, 2 Timothy 2:22. Purity is about the heart and not just our hands.  In sexual sin, people ALWAYS get hurt.  This is not a victimless crime!  Run from sexual sin, stop feeding your sinful nature.  

#6- Avoid Immoral Friends
1 Corinthians 5:9. Do not have friendship with people who claim to follow Jesus and live sexually immoral lives.  Notice I did not talk about people who do not claim to follow Jesus. Show me your friends, and I’ll show you your future.  The closest people you have to you shape the most important parts of your life. 

Romans 12:2 Don’t copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think. Then you will learn to know God’s will for you, which is good and pleasing and perfect.

Being a Vital Man is impossible if you do not RUN FROM SEXUAL SIN! Go be Vital

Brandon Sereg

Jesus is NOT a Republican

I have never seen so much attention in an election year.  I have never heard more buzz about the issues.  I have never heard a president talked about in such a poor way.

In 1 Samuel, God had given the Israelites “the promised land.”  God had set up a government of judges to govern the 12 tribes, but it was not a democracy.  It was not a dictatorship.  It was a theocracy.  All the neighboring tribes had kings they could see and follow.  Israel did not.  So they asked Samuel the prophet to ask God for a king.  

God did not want Israel to have a king, but He gave them what they asked for.  Saul committed suicide.  David did well.  Solomon built temples to other God’s.  After Solomon, Israel was split between two kings.  When Syria came against divided Israel they lost quickly.  They were conquered by Persia, then Syria, the Assyria, and eventually Rome. 

Jesus comes as a messiah, and Israel doesn’t want to accept Him because He is not overthrowing Rome and establishing Israel as a world power.  Jesus in fact said…

Matthew 22:19 Here, show me the coin used for the tax.” When they handed him a Roman coin, 20 he asked, “Whose picture and title are stamped on it?”

21 “Caesar’s,” they replied.

“Well, then,” he said, “give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar, and give to God what belongs to God.”

Rome is a corrupt government that by no means shared God’s values, yet Jesus affirms their authority. 

Then the Apostle Paul writes…

1 Timothy 2: Pray this way for kings and all who are in authority so that we can live peaceful and quiet lives marked by godliness and dignity. This is good and pleases God our Savior.

This was written when Paul was being hunted for his faith, yet encourages the Church to pray for it’s government.  He did not say pray against them, slander them, or have negative hopes toward them.  Jesus actually validates their authority say it came from the Lord.  Jesus life was in Pilate’s hands and Jesus tells him…

John 19:11 Then Jesus said, “You would have no power over me at all unless it were given to you from above. So the one who handed me over to you has the greater sin.”

Gossip, slander, and rebellion against leadership is sin.  Jesus plan for government is not and never will be democracy.  It is a theocracy.  We are foreigners in a strange land, and like Jesus apart of a kingdom not of this world.

Do NOT get me wrong.  I love our nation!  I am for our military!  I want reform in country!  I am for our president!  I will vote my values.  I trust the Lord to set up His leader for our country.  I would like to encourage you to pray for our president and pray for the Lords leader for our nation, and remember that this world will pass away and we a part of a great kingdom with a great King.

Go be Vital

Recklessly, obsessively following Jesus

Brandon Sereg

What is a “Man’s Man?” Part 2

This last week, I met with my senior pastor.  This does not happen often, so when I come I come prepared with questions.  Since I have been at this church, I am so honored by the men who make up our Directional Leadership Team.  Their respect and unity among them is incredible.  I have seen them disagree behind closed door and so love the way they treat each other.  They are not perfect men but I want to be like them in 15-20 years.

1 Corinthians 11:1 And you should imitate me, just as I imitate Christ.

Those are quite the words.  There is such a level of responsibility in them.  I asked my pastor how he created this culture of honor among his men. Here is what he said:

  1. Clothe yourself in humility. 

Humility is choosing to be known for who you really are, nothing more and nothing less.  He said he often reminds himself of how he needs insight and direction that he doesn’t have on his own. Recognizing our need for wisdom is key for being clothed in humility, especially our need for God’s wisdom. 

Proverbs 15:33 Fear of the Lord teaches wisdom; humility precedes honor.

Do you work with people?  Then you need wisdom. Are you married? Then you need wisdom.  Do you parent a teenager? You really need wisdom. Do you really believe God’s wisdom is best?  Do your choices reflect that?

2. Honor Other Peoples Strengths and Weaknesses

You are incredibly gifted!  However you do not posses all gifting. Nor can you develop all gifting!  I will never be able to sing.  I sing like a dying dog.  I will never be invited to sing on a worship team.  My pastor shared how he intentionally surrounds himself with people who shore up his weaknesses.  He said he is not good with detail and feels constrained in structures.  So he puts two men around him who are amazing with details and creates healthy structures.  He says then comes the hard part, He has to stay out of the detail and structure.  He says when he micromanages them, he is not honoring their strengths.  So where are you weak?  Financially? Marriage? Parenting? Business? Friendship? Something at work?  Who is great at it that could help you in your journey?

3. Be Vulnerable

He says vulnerability is your willingness to admit where you are and how you need led.  He shared how he chooses to be under authority and that there are people in his life that can tell him “no.”  Who can tell you no?  Who knows your brokenness?  A mentor of mine once told me that I am only as strong as the men in my corner who can and has the courage to tell me “NO” and I would follow. Who is in your corner like that?

So are you clothed in humility?  Do you value the strengths and weaknesses of others?  Who are you vulnerable with?  These are marking of a real “man’s man.”

Go Be Vital

Recklessly, obsessively following Jesus

Brandon Sereg

What is Worship?

Have you ever been in Church, engaged in the music, left, and wondered if that was it?  I know I have.  Don’t get me wrong… Often throughout the scriptures, you see music and worship hand and hand.  But is that it?  If I sing a fast, medium, and slow tempo song at the weekend service, did I worship in the way I was created?

The first time worship appears in the Scripture is when Abraham takes his son to be sacrificed in obedience to the Lord’s command.   So here worship is obedience unto the Lord.  Where is the Lord calling you to obey?  Can you imagine God asking for your son.  Sacrifice and obedience are NEVER easy and often necessary… However, it is true worship

Jame 1:27 Pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the Father means caring for orphans and widows in their distress and refusing to let the world corrupt you.

Here worship is caring for the needs of those who cannot help themselves.  Widow in this culture cannot own property and are often forced into prostitution to take care of themselves and their kids. Orphans are at the mercy of slave traders just to live.  Who are the people around you that you can help get out of their impossible situation?

Revelation 4:9 Whenever the living beings give glory and honor and thanks to the one sitting on the throne (the one who lives forever and ever), 10 the twenty-four elders fall down and worship the one sitting on the throne (the one who lives forever and ever). And they lay their crowns before the throne and say,

11 “You are worthy, O Lord our God,
    to receive glory and honor and power.
For you created all things,
    and they exist because you created what you pleased.”

So here worship is men sitting on thrones with crowns, bowing down, laying their crowns before Jesus, and declaring that He is worthy of glory, honor, and power.  We were crowns as well.  They are not sitting on our head, but in them. They are the successes, accomplishments, gifts we have given, and the good things we have done.  These elders give us an example of real worship… To bow before our King and lay our crowns at His feet, for apart from Him we would not have them, this is worship!

Vital Men, Jesus is calling you to worship Him!  It all comes down to love… Obey, sacrifice, care for others, and give ALL the credit to that one who created you for worship. GO BE VITAL

Recklessly, obsessively following Jesus

Brandon Sereg


Proverb of the Day

For the last several years, I have been reading the Proverb of the day.  There are 31 proverbs and 31 days in the longest month.  I have grown so much in wisdom and my love and dependance on the Lord’s wisdom grows daily.  I read the same Proverb every month and every month I see new things and new perspective. 

Today’s Proverb 6:1 My child, if you have put up security for a friend’s debt
    or agreed to guarantee the debt of a stranger—
if you have trapped yourself by your agreement
    and are caught by what you said—
follow my advice and save yourself,
    for you have placed yourself at your friend’s mercy.
Now swallow your pride;
    go and beg to have your name erased.
Don’t put it off; do it now!
    Don’t rest until you do.
Save yourself like a gazelle escaping from a hunter,
    like a bird fleeing from a net.

What I hear in this is debt is a trap.  Being a cosigner for someone could cost your relationship. If you were to watch the discovery channel and watch the gazelle run from the lion, or watch a bird try to flee a falling net, there is an intensity to it.  Run from debt with the intensity of a gazelle.

Here is what Proverbs 1 says about wisdom:

Proverbs 1:1 These are the proverbs of Solomon, David’s son, king of Israel.

Their purpose is to teach people wisdom and discipline,
    to help them understand the insights of the wise.
Their purpose is to teach people to live disciplined and successful lives,
    to help them do what is right, just, and fair.
These proverbs will give insight to the simple,
    knowledge and discernment to the young.

Let the wise listen to these proverbs and become even wiser.
    Let those with understanding receive guidance
by exploring the meaning in these proverbs and parables,
    the words of the wise and their riddles.

Fear of the Lord is the foundation of true knowledge,
    but fools despise wisdom and discipline.

The promises are wisdom, insight, discernment, knowledge, discipline, success, and guidance.  Who among us doesn’t need that?

It is not about you getting in the Word of God daily, it is about getting the Word of God in you daily.  It is not about religion, legalism, or you should do this.  It is about humility saying we need wisdom, insight, discernment, knowledge, discipline, success, and guidance.  It is saying we don’t have it all.  

So to start of 2016 right, I encourage you stop trying harder!  Stop doing religion!  Stop! Start pursuing wisdom! Start pursuing revelation from the Word of God!  Start getting the Words of Jesus IN YOU!

Papa, I pray right now that 2o16 would be the blessed year ever as these Vital Men walk as sons at your table.  I pray for a spirit of wisdom and revelation as the get Your Word in them.  I pray the would know your voice and be submitted to your will. In Jesus Name!

Go Be Vital

Recklessly, Obsessively Following Jesus

Brandon Sereg

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