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The Illegitimate Son

Judges 8:31 New International Version (NIV)

31 His concubine, who lived in Shechem, also bore him a son, whom he named Abimelek.

Gideon has an illegitimate son from his concubine who will eventually lead to having his other seventy sons killed by the half blood brother. This was all because of power and greed.

Abimelek became a judge over Israel. There was no fame in his name and especially his actions. God does not prize popularity, humor, or intelligence. God looks at the heart of every man. 

Abimelek was a wicked judge who wanted the people to praise and admire him, and this eventually ended his life. When you read his story in Judges, we see God using his judgement and the tools of rebellion against those who went against him.

Gideon made a poor choice in sleeping with a woman that was not by God’s design. The consequences of his decision brought calamity to his family.

My mind goes to the power of a moment. A moment is which changes the trajectory of a person’s life. It can be a financial decision, a sinful decision, or it can be words said to another that cut and break relationships.

Abimelek was a man all about himself. He lived a life of power and deceit. In the end, it all cost him his own life.

How are your moments? 

Is Christ the center of them?

Does the Holy Spirit reign?

Strength and Courage



Vital Ministries News

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The Danger of Success

Judges 8:22 New International Version (NIV)

Gideon’s Ephod

22 The Israelites said to Gideon, “Rule over us—you, your son and your grandson—because you have saved us from the hand of Midian.”

Gideon sees great success with his mighty 300 men. They kill thousands of enemy soldiers. Gideon even kills two kings, Zebahand and Zalmunna, with his own sword. A weak warrior became a mighty hero.

After the battle has been fought, the people of Israel turn their eyes from God and want to make Gideon their king. Gideon makes a valiant response and tells them he will not rule over them and that only the Lord would rule over Israel.

To this point, Gideon is giving the credit and glory back to God, but he soon will make his big mistake that will turn Israel to idol worship. In verse 24, Gideon requests plunder (gold) for his victory. He then makes the gold into an ephod in which Israel prostrates themselves into worshipping it.

The danger of success or trophies I have received go into a box and eventually collect dust or simply get thrown away. In the moment it holds value, but it is only for a moment.

In my life, as I get older, I value success in this manner. Ask my wife or my kids what kind of man I was. Do I love God with all my heart and did I love people?

Men, what is said about HOW you lived will be greater than what you have accumulated.

Strength and Courage




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