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Vital Ministries News

This coming Sunday, April 9, I have the opportunity to speak at The Way in Newton. I know that a lot of you have busy schedules, but I am asking you to join me at our 9:00 or 10:30 service.

I will be speaking from the Palm Sunday Text from John 12:12-19. Who do you say I am?

Often Palm Sunday has a misconception of why Jesus came to Jerusalem. Many in that day thought is was to rescue them politically and free them nationally.

Jesus came to free them and all mankind spiritually through a horrific death on a cross at the place called, The Skull. Today, I believe many are still looking for the Messiah to free them or give them what they want, as to wanting to know who he is.

Who do you say Jesus is?

Come join me on Palm Sunday at The Way, 2306 S 3rd Ave. East, Newton, Iowa.

Strength and Courage




Vital Ministries News

Normally I do not touch on this, but I thought that I would just to throw it out there. This coming April 22 on a Saturday night, Michael W. Smith is in concert at the Bridge View Center at 7:00 p.m. It looks like you can buy tickets at

My thoughts are that it is close for most of us and Michael W. Smith is a great entertainer and man of God. This is a great opportunity for a date night or even a family night.

This next week is our final week for Vital Men as we continue our series, Falling Men – Rising. We will look at the life of the disciple, Peter, through his failing and with the help of Jesus, him rising higher than he could ever believe. 

Do not miss the final teaching.

Strength and Courage 



Failing Men – Rising

Isaiah 60:1New International Version (NIV)

The Glory of Zion

60 “Arise, shine, for your light has come,
    and the glory of the Lord rises upon you.

The prophet Isaiah called for Jerusalem to wake up. A new day is rising for Israel. The light of the sun was hot, but he was talking about the glory of God shining on his city.

I have had the opportunity recently to travel to Israel and see the sun rise over Jerusalem. Without a doubt you have the keen sense knowing that God still has his hand on the city. Like any city it goes about its day, but this city still follows God and his decrees.

Without a doubt the people of Jerusalem and all of Israel who is Jewish believe that there is a God, but the sadness that I felt in my heart is they still do not recognize Jesus to be the one true Messiah. They are still waiting and seeking.

Often times I see us in America still doing the same thing. People will say, “Oh, I believe in God.” But they fail to see Jesus, God’s Son. Jesus was the one who was chosen to take our place on a hill called Golgotha, the Place of the Skull.

I visited that location. It is a horrific site. Today a bus parking lot sits in front of it, but the images of the crucifixion are still there if you ask the Holy Spirit for Kingdom eyes.

All but one of the disciples failed Jesus at his death. They ran, hid, and wept. But the story does not stop there. These same men, all but one, chose to rise and faced their failure. How about you today? Have you been running? Are you running from what Jesus has called you to be? Today is the day of rising, men. Let’s not hold on to how we have failed, but choose to rise along side King Jesus!

Strength and Courage



Vital Ministries News

This coming week we will be starting a new teaching series, ‘Failing Men – Rising’. We will look at the lives of the twelve disciples. We will see how their lives impacted the world even though they failed Jesus before his crucifixion.

I believe, men, that we find strength in these men as they as they had to face their failures, just like we do. I always remind men who have felt they have failed in life that it is not how we fail, but it is all in how we ride back up.

Do not miss our final weeks together in Vital Men.

Strength and Courage



Live Small or Live Big

Job 36:15New International Version (NIV)

15 But those who suffer he delivers in their suffering;
    he speaks to them in their affliction.

Here is a question for us today. Can my pain be transformed into something big, like a greater ability to love, to protect, and to utilize a righteous kind of power?

Most men have a wounded heart of some kind and for most, it is usually a father wound. For me, I am a son of a beginning baby book generation. I was born at the end of that generation that is a driven, hardworking, and isolated generation.

My own father was born after WWII having a father who fought as a gun man of a tanker ship. My grandfather was a hard man. He did not talk much, except when he was drinking. I must truly say that I resented him, and I was also afraid of him.

I will never forget walking into the funeral home when my grandfather had passed. My dad did not see me, but I watched him hold my grandfather’s had while weeping bitterly. I could hear my dad telling him that he loved him.

My dad was also a very strong man. He was a builder and carpenter, as well as, a tradesman. My father also had to overcome his demons of the past. You see, men, drinking had my father, but Jesus changed him. My dad gave his life to Christ and everything changed.

Today, my father is a mountain of a man. He loves Jesus, and he loves to tell his family that. Dad had a choice to live small or live big. He crept out of the mire, gave his life to Christ, and started living big. Pain transforms to something big and greater. 

What is your choice today? Do you choose to live small or to live big?

Strength and Courage



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