Followership – Oct 25, 2019: Hearing the Voice of God

Today we’re we’re going to continue our series on Followership on the and looking at the life of Elijah. We are going to look at what it means to hear the voice of God. I often get told by other men, and sometimes as women as well, “Mike, I’ve never heard the voice of God, how does he talk to us?” Most of us, most of the time, it’s in the in the pursuit of God and getting rid of all the other voices in our head. I know even this morning as I get ready to teach there’s voices, there’s things that want to come out. There’s things that want to consume my mind to go a different direction. And I always ask the Holy Spirit to help me to keep my mind focused, as I’m here with you on Sunday morning…

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Followership – Oct 20, 2019: Why Men Run

But see, we see something about Elijah, what happened to this man of faith and heroism? Why did he run and if you ever had a true a similar situation in your own life where something came and and a distinct of in the enemy comes and he tries to overcome your life and the next thing you know you find yourself running, running away from the literally things what God wants in your life. You go to the darkness you go to the enemy you come to the you succumb to the evil things that the enemy always wants to tell you, I always get to have this in my own mind, even this morning is there I’m sitting there speaking, the enemy always reminds me of my past, instead of God who tells me about a future. He reminds me at the bottom the mistakes that I’ve done in my life and the failures that have happened. But instead, God always reminds me of what can be and what he can do through me.

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Followership – Oct 13, 2019: Why Men Run

Today we’re going to look at why men run. It’s our teaching series out of the book of 1st and 2nd Kings looking at the men’s lives of Elijah and Elijah learning about followership. Now, I’m not talking about men who run a 5K or a marathon when I talk about, “Why do men run?” These are all good reasons to run and running for fitness is without a doubt good most mornings…

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Followership – Oct 4, 2019 – Where Light and Dark Meet

Today we’re in 1st Kings talking about the contest where light and darkness meet. And we see that meeting together in the nation is King Ahab vs. Elijah, the Battle of the gods. This headline is so important because it’s God Himself is going to show the nation of Israel that he is God Almighty, and is in full control of the earth of itself. Elijah, he sets the stage on Mount Carmel on a 1500 foot high limestone mountain. He tells King Ahab to take 850 of his profits to the top of the mountain. Let’s see what God speaks a true contest…

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Followership – Sep 29, 2019 – Called

God is on the move in Elijah’s life, and he speaks directly Elijah. I love this. It says this, go and present yourself to King Ahab, tell him I will soon send rain. It says that Elijah immediately stepped into what I call live action. He didn’t hesitate argue, complain to God. He was a man on the move and he stepped into the moment. I tell you what, folks, that’s just exciting when you think about it. I love this part because Elijah isn’t looking for someone else to do it…

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