Followership – Oct 4, 2019 – Where Light and Dark Meet

Today we’re in 1st Kings talking about the contest where light and darkness meet. And we see that meeting together in the nation is King Ahab vs. Elijah, the Battle of the gods. This headline is so important because it’s God Himself is going to show the nation of Israel that he is God Almighty, and is in full control of the earth of itself. Elijah, he sets the stage on Mount Carmel on a 1500 foot high limestone mountain. He tells King Ahab to take 850 of his profits to the top of the mountain. Let’s see what God speaks a true contest…

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Followership – Sep 29, 2019 – Called

God is on the move in Elijah’s life, and he speaks directly Elijah. I love this. It says this, go and present yourself to King Ahab, tell him I will soon send rain. It says that Elijah immediately stepped into what I call live action. He didn’t hesitate argue, complain to God. He was a man on the move and he stepped into the moment. I tell you what, folks, that’s just exciting when you think about it. I love this part because Elijah isn’t looking for someone else to do it…

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Followership – Sep 22, 2019 – Trust

What made Elijah unique was he knew, and he believed, in the power of God. That made him the perfect prophet to see the miraculous. Now, I think what God does next is bizarre, he sends Elijah 100 miles northeast, into Gentile territory, enemy territory, at that God drives him back and takes him to a place where there was going to be water. And during that time, the Ravens were going to bring him both bread and water. That’s amazing. When you think about it here that the birds from the sky, God commands them to actually feed Elijah. Now, to be honest, I’ve never seen anything like this before in my own life…

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Followership – Sep 15, 2019

We are starting a new fall teaching series called Followership. It is a different way to look at leadership. We’re going to look at two leaders, two prophets, two men of the Old Testament. One of the prophets we will be looking at is Elijah. His name means my god is Yahweh. What a powerful name that is. Elijah is a Hebrew prophet and a miracle worker. He was a man who confronted King Ahab on the northern tribes of Israel. He was a man who came against the wicked King Ahab and his wicked wife, Jezebel. Elijah was not afraid. He came against them as a true leader of Israel during difficult days. Elijah is the front runner of John the Baptist and a mentor to Elisha. Elisha is the second prophet we will be looking at. His name means God is salvation. He was a Hebrew prophet, and also a miracle worker. He is the prophet who asked God for a double portion of Elijah’a spirit for his ministry. For 60 years, he held the office of profit in Israel. You can find story in 2 Kings 5:8. Before we jump in to the lives of these two leaders in the Bible, I think it’s important for us to set the stage as to what leadership truly is, as it speaks of it in the Bible, in comparison to what leadership is being conveyed to us in modern day culture. Today we have a guest with us, a recognized guest, a man devoted to God, true Shepherd of his people. Pastor Bill Tvedt from Jubilee Family Church from right here is Oskaloosa, as we discuss leadership and followership.

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WORK – Sept 9, 2019 – The Power of Prayer

To have power in prayer, you must experience God’s presence. In the beginning, James says if any of you suffered hardships, you should pray. Everyone within the sound of my voice, without a doubt today, is having some sort of hardship. Something is going on. We deal with struggles and strife every day of our lives. Isn’t that correct? A lot of people will go to Facebook. They will take time to post things about hardships that they’re dealing with in life. Whether you like it or not, it’s there. Some will ask for prayer. Sometimes you can donate money because of their hardship. And often times people post hoping, and wondering, does anyone simply care?

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