We are looking for a group of men to join us in Mooresville, MO, for the Men’s Quest event at the Jabez Retreat Center.

The event is organized by the Fellowship of the Sword. Please let Mike Sereg know if you are interested in attending.

Draw near to God and He will draw near to you…

James 4:8a

What is Quest?

Quest—the act or an instance of seeking or pursuing something; a search. An expedition undertaken in medieval romance by a knight in order to perform a prescribed feat.

By “coming away” with Christ for five intense days of God-seeking, self-searching, and spiritual training, the Quest ministry works to unlock the hearts of men. We seek the heart of God, knowing that in His heart we will find manhood. We seek to become warrior-hearted men, fighting for our wives, children, and generations to come. The Quest uses biblical truths to show men how to “have life to the fullest.” Our destiny is found in unlocking the passionate heart placed in men from the beginning of time.

Come away to the wilderness—to a place isolated from day-to-day routines—for five days. No cell phones, no deadlines, no distractions! This event includes 30 days of inspiring preparation.

Participant Event Preparation Begins: Friday, Sept 1, 2017

We seek the heart of God and in His heart find our manhood.

We will make our way to the Jabez Retreat Center that is nestled in the Hill Country of Missouri. Jabez is surrounded by 220 acres of heavy timber, abundant wildlife, and a beautiful lake. Enjoy the amazing 10-mile view from the balcony. Space is limited so if Father is calling you to Quest after Him, sign up for the adventure of a lifetime.

Cost is $699.00 which includes transportation, lodging, meals, and all materials. Full payment is due at time of registration to secure your spot.


15050 Liv 415, Mooresville, MO 64664