We are traveling to Duluth, MN, on June 2, which is a 433 mile trip from Pella.

In an effort to get to Duluth in a timely manner we will be going on I-35 from Des Moines to Duluth. To also stay with traffic we will be traveling in the 75 mph range.

This is not meant to scare anyone from going along but merely to make everyone aware to alleviate any upset travelers.

After arriving in Duluth we will check in at the motel. Then, for those interested, we will make an up-and-back trip along the north shore of Lake Superior. This will be a big day of travel, but I believe the scenery will be worth the effort for those so inclined.

Saturday morning we will leave Duluth and travel along the south shore before we pass thru northern Wisconsin and eventually back home on Sunday.

Because of our place of destination and quantity of rooms required for the group, I will be calling for rooms May 12. After that you will have to call and reserve your own rooms.

Either call Mike Sereg or Buck Kraft at 641-780-1295 to get on list. We are looking forward to another chance to get out in God’s world and take in her beauty.

Unfortunately only time will tell if we picked a dry weekend!

Duluth, MN, 55802