I am chosen kboe series
A Spirit of Anger

A Spirit of Anger

In the midst of a divisive culture and resulting anger, how do we as Christians deal with potentially volatile situations in a Godly manner? 

A Spirit of Anger

When Good People Get Angry

We are starting a new series today on anger. We will be talking about how the Bible instructs us to deal with anger. Sometimes anger is warranted and sometimes it is due to how we are reacting to our environment. There are three key points that are essential to...

I Am Chosen – Ordinary People

I Am Chosen – The Sons of Thunder

Today we are diving into the story of James and John out of Matthew 4:21-22. They are referred to as "The Sons of Thunder" in scripture and paint a picture of how Jesus sees us and the gifts, personality traits, and passions God gives us for His purposes. 

I Am Chosen – Ordinary People

I Am Chosen – At the Well

Jesus Chooses us and we are called to share him with other. Let's look a little closer at this through the story of the woman at the well as depicted in John 4:1-38.

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