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Si-Cology 1

As you read this book, there are a few things you have to understand: 95 percent of my stories are truthful. Every member of the Robertson family has the God- given gift of storytelling. Hey, when you’ve sat in a duck blind for more than half of your life, you have to figure out some way to pass the time! It’s better than looking at Willie and Jase for six hours! Many of the stories I like to tell happened when I was a young boy or when I was in Vietnam. At my age, a few of the details are cloudy, but I’ll recollect the coming stories as best I can. Hey, just remember it isn’t a lie if you think it’s true! It’s up to you, the reader, to figure out what’s truth and what’s fiction. Best of luck with that, Jack! May the force be with you.

Hey, another thing you have to know: my stories are kind of like my vocabulary. You might have noticed I like to say “hey” quite a bit. “Hey” can mean anything. It can mean “yes,” it can mean “maybe,” and it can mean “no.” Hey, it could mean “next week.” The bottom line is, you have to understand “hey” to understand me.

And if you know anything about Silas Merritt Robertson, you know I’m a hard rascal to figure out.


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    Vital Ministries » Vital Men - Opportunity Knocks
    This past year, how many opportunities did you have to share the gospel with an unbeliever? How many times did you show love to a stranger in a practical way, in the name of Christ? If you are like me, you remember and love these moments, but can probably count some of these instances on one hand. …
  • Vital Ministries » Vital Men - Under Fire

    Vital Ministries » Vital Men - Under Fire
    Life is full of “under fire” moments–where you are hunched in a corner behind a weakening shield, hoping the whizzing bullets don’t hit, praying the storm stops. Sometimes you’ve been backed into that corner by the enemy and other times you have lost your way and found yourself in a bad spot.