April 2016

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Making Men by Chuck Holton

Most guys spend their entire lives looking for ways to prove their manhood. Some of their attempts are downright ridiculous. 

     In a culture steeped in passivity and addiction, many women make horrific mistakes in the men they choose and pay dearly for it. But how does a guy learn how to be a good man? How does a woman learn to recognize him? What does manhood really look like?
     Chuck Holton, former Army Ranger, Adventurer and international war correspondent, has three men-in-training of his own. He also has two daughters who will need to be able to recognize a good man someday. Over a three-year period, Chuck made it his mission to nail down the facets of a fully-engaged, functional man by seeking out timeless wisdom of ancient cultures and the experience of dozens of mature men. The result is a five step curriculum that is already changing the lives of men and women around the world. It is being used by church groups, schools and even single mothers to help their sons to emulate – and daughters to identify – powerful, passionate, engaged manhood.
     Memorize it. Teach it to your sons and daughters. Apply its principles to your own life.
     The world desperately needs your help making men.

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