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Watch Out for Bears: An Adventure in Leadership
By Dan Kellogg

At age twelve, Pastor Dan Kellogg experienced two pivotal events–a heart-pounding confrontation with bears and the decision to dedicate his life to Jesus Christ. Surviving the bear encounter with a rush of adrenaline, Kellogg only increased his passion for the outdoors and hunting over the years, as he has continued to pursue wilderness adventures with family and friends. More important, the bear incident also prepared him for the wild adventure he was taking on in following Jesus–an adventure in leadership.

When I look up, the six-hundred-pound grizzly bear is running right toward us. He’s a couple of hundred yards away. With every stride, he effortlessly eats up the distance between us. He’s trotting at a fast pace. He doesn’t seem to be charging, but he will soon notice us–and then what? – Excerpt from Chapter 3</>

In Watch Out for Bears: An Adventure in Leadership, Kellogg shares his favorite, edge-of-the-seat encounters with bears and relates them to stories of Jesus facing His own bears-the religious leaders of His time, the Pharisees. Kellogg recounts his struggles and successes starting his own church, leading as a pastor, and facing the modern-day Pharisees as he follows God into the adventureHe’s called him to. Each chapter also includes questions for individual reflection group discussion.

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