Gospel of Matthew


Christ died so that we could be free. Discover how to live each day with the freedom God desires for you.

Please Note: VITAL Men meets every week beginning September 11, 2023.

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He who is slow to anger has great understanding.  Proverbs 14:29

I am Mike Sereg.

You will see me at the large group events and a small group session on occasion.

It is my passion to energize and encourage men to follow Christ.

Our team here at VITAL works diligently to provide exciting and meaningful materials for you to grow deeper in your faith and learn to live it daily in whatever environment you may find yourself.


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by Scott VerSteeg


We are all Children, in our Father’s eyes,
A room in His kingdom, our final prize

Flawed as we are, the darkness we face
Keep faith in the Father, his loving grace

Scars will come, en route to His Place
Stay the course, follow His embrace

For on this road, that must be traveled
Suit up with faith, for what must be battled


Keeping this faith, the gloom will subside
Following the light, as it is His guide

Keep the word, James four verse seven
For in this scripture, is your path to heaven

Lean on your brothers, on this earthly plain
Denying the darkness, any ground to gain

This battle is real, for our soul we fight
As VITAL Men, we are called to unite

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The Gospel of Matthew
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