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Politics & Religion

Politics & Religion

We are continuing with the series on When Good Men Get Angry. This is the series we are also going through in our VITAL Men groups. A hot topic today seems to be the pull between political parties and core beliefs grounded in Christianity. Today we have Pastor Bill...

Battling Pride

Battling Pride

As we continue our series on anger let's look at how pride plays a role in how we respond to others. 

Battling Pride

Relinquishing Control

Today's topic is on control and we, as Christians, need to relinquish control in our anger and choose to trust Jesus. The Parable of the lost son is a great example and let's explore that together this morning. 

Battling Pride

I Respectfully Disagree

Today we are looking at the story of the Good Samaritan as told in Luke 10:30-37. God has called us to love one another even when it is not easy. We are also called to honor and respect the governing bodies He has put over us. This is not always easy, especially...

Battling Pride

A Spirit of Anger

In the midst of a divisive culture and resulting anger, how do we as Christians deal with potentially volatile situations in a Godly manner? 

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