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True Manhood Part 1

1 Corinthians 7:7 New International Version (NIV)

I wish that all of you were as I am. But each of you has your own gift from God; one has this gift, another has that.

I want to take the month of June to talk about true manhood. It is more than taking care of yourself, working, paying bills, buying food, and buying a home. All of these things are good, but Biblical manhood demands more.

This is especially important for the men who are single. What is true manhood and being single. I especially want today’s thought to go out to young single men. These men are trying to find their way in life.

According to Paul, being single is a gift. It is a time to mature as a young man. It is a time to look at life through robust lenses. Life is like jumping onto a horse that has never been broke. It tries to buck you off at every turn. You have to learn how to hold on with steady hands. You need to look to the next jump or turn. You may even have to bail off. 

I would like to look at three important matters for young men.

  1. Dating: Today, dating means that you may go out on one date, and it will end up with sex. That is not living a life of biblical manhood. It is essential to treat women with respect. Take her out and get to know her. Talk with her and spend time together.
  2. Video Games: Nothing is a greater turn off than to take your girlfriend to your home or over to a friend’s place and expect her to watch you play video games. Instead, get into the game of life and get out there in the world. Find out what you both like and go do that together.
  3. Lead: What if you paid for the meal on your first date? Better yet, what if you prayed with each other. This is risky, but she will know she is with a man of God.

Being a single man AND one who follows Jesus is not easy. The world is always trying to pull you away from the truth. Enjoy your singleness. It is only for a season. Step into manhood and lead as a man who follows and loves God. She will see the true, yet tender warrior you are.

Strength and Courage


Vital Ministries News

Vital Biker Couple’s Ride

June 28-30

Clear Lake

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A Day to Remember

John 15:13 New International Version (NIV)

13 Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.

Today at Vital Ministries we want to remember those who gave everything. We are in full support of the men and women of the Armed Forces. We are in full support for their sacrifice and dedication so that our freedoms continue to this day.

Many workout and exercise organizations do what they call the Murph Challenge. They will run for 1 mile, do 100 pull ups, do 200 push ups, 300 squats, and finish by running another 1 mile.

The workout is designed to honor fallen Navy Seal, Michael P. Murphy. Because of his bravery, he was honored with the highest award given in the Military, the Medal of Honor. He was killed in action trying to protect 3 other Navy Seals by going out in the open to radio for help. He was killed June 28, 2005 by Taliban Forces in Afghanistan.

Lt. Michael P. Murphy and many other men and women gave everything so that our freedom can and will continue in America. But, let me ask you a question today. How can we best honor them in this day we remember?

In my mind, we live as good Americans. He honor each other. We open doors, say ‘Thank you’, buy a cup of coffee for another, and choose to honor those around you.

This is sacrificial living. There has been no greater One who showed love than, Jesus on the cross. Men, let’s remember today. The Marines have a great motto, Semper Fi, which means: God, Country, and Corps – Fight to the last man.

Strength and Courage




Midwest Quest

June 23-28

Jabez Retreat Center

Mooresville, Missouri

You’re invited to 5.5 days of God-seeking, soul-searching,
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QUEST serves the church by facilitating a catalytic
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and Unleashing Passion. Come away and unplug — no
phones, no deadlines, no distractions – Just you and Him.

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