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I went to a birthday party for a friend whose daughter had just turned 1.  I had not spent time with this precious girl, but went because I value my friend.  When it got time for the cake, the immediate family got really excited and everyone else was watching, but did not share the same enthusiasm.  The kids had fun and the adults talk about normal life.  I have 4 kids and we have had first birthdays and I realized this must be how everyone else felt at my kids 1st birthday party. 

I was reading about King Josiah this week in my 1 year Bible.  He became king at 8 years old and followed the Lord in an unusual way.  He destroy all the other places of worship to other gods.  What stood out to me what this. 

2 Chronicles 35:16 The entire ceremony for the Lord’s Passover was completed that day. All the burnt offerings were sacrificed on the altar of the Lord, as King Josiah had commanded. 17 All the Israelites present in Jerusalem celebrated Passover and the Festival of Unleavened Bread for seven days. 18 Never since the time of the prophet Samuel had there been such a Passover. None of the kings of Israel had ever kept a Passover as Josiah did, involving all the priests and Levites, all the people of Jerusalem, and people from all over Judah and Israel.

Passover was a celebration that the angel of death passed over them and killed the first born of Egypt.  The next day they were released from their slavery and their bondage.  This was not only about what they have been saved from but what the have been saved to.  In King Josiah’s rule, Israel had again been made slave and Judah was on the brink of capture.  

It was easy for them to forget what had happened over 1,000 year before.  I wander how often we gather in church, celebrate Christmas or Easter, and forget why we are gathered and why we should celebrate.  Think about this… God gave clear expectations for our lives that we intentionally rebelled against.  That sin requires death.  God sends His own Son to die as payment for that sin.  We receive that forgiveness that we did NOTHING to get. Then we forget to remember and celebrate the forgiveness we have received and the priced paid for it.  Or we go to church out of duty because that is what we are supposed to do and not out of remembering, worshiping, and celebration. 

So today… Remember the freedom you have and the price paid for it.  Remember God owes you nothing, and you owe Him everything.  Celebrate Him in the way you worship, the way you work, and the way you love.  Tell others about the freedom you possess.  Jesus is worthy of our remembering, our worship, our celebration!

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