by | Jan 13, 2017 | Vital Men Devotions

Proverbs 16:3 (ESV) 

Commit your work to the Lord,
and your plans will be established.
I just returned from Indianapolis and the 2017 Archery Trade Association annual trade show.  Literally, I pulled in the drive 30 minutes ago.  The show was great, as always.  There was lots to see and more than plenty to do.  I was able to accomplish a number of things I had planned for, and fell short on some others, but all and all it was a success for Back 40 Archery.  Like last year, God used this trip to present a message, an important one, and He drove it home.   
At lunch on Tuesday, the first day of the show, Becca and I made our way to the food court.  While plugging my phone into a charging island, I met a man doing the same.  In order to stay close to the island, he asked if he could join us.  As we conversed, I learned that he was a pastor for an organization, Heart of the Outdoors, that uses the outdoors to aid in the delivery of the gospel.  Needless to say, I was intrigued.  The gentleman’s name is Mark Kuhnell and I learned that he gave up a secure and lucrative job to follow God’s call.  God had placed a heavy burden on this man.  There was no way for Mark to be able to foresee the outcome of this.  It would certainly require a great deal of sacrifice by both himself, as well as his family, but he answered the call.  He faithfully and obediently accepted the mantle of responsibility God had chosen for him.  So, unlike the rich young ruler, Mark laid down what he had laid up, picked up his bible and Jesus’ mission and charged ahead.  
Mark’s testimony, his commitment to God’s call struck home very deeply.  It got me thinking about how God, if we allow Him, wants to work through us to accomplish His mission.  If He didn’t, then why would He have kept us around for so long?!  
Not everyone will be called to do as Mark has done, nor should they.  If they were, nothing else would ever get done. However, we are all called to specific roles, ministries and stewardships.  We are all handed burdens, I believe daily, along with some life long ones.  The question I find myself asking, and all of you should be asking is, am I taking on these burdens?  Am I accepting the mission/s that God is drafting me into or am I headed for Canada?  I profess to be working for God’s glory, but am I?  Am I truly?  It’s perfectly alright to be rewarded for our obedience, God says He will, here and in heaven.  It’s perfectly acceptable to enjoy the rewards.  The rewards, should not be the motive, though.  Ask yourself, are you really doing what you do for God’s glory?  Do you commit your work to the Lord?  Do you do so for His glory or yours?  Just something to think about, compliments of my “chance” encounter at the ATA show.  Have a blessed weekend.
In full pursuit of the greatest Trophy,
Scott Pace 

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