Everyone Is Called

by | Feb 6, 2017 | Vital Men Devotions

1 Peter 2:10New International Version (NIV)

10 Once you were not a people, but now you are the people of God; once you had not received mercy, but now you have received mercy.

Every Christian you see has at least two major callings in their life. The first is the call to use your vocation for the Glory of God to bless other people. The second is the call to make disciples.

All to often we assume that only the people in ministry carry that obligation or calling on their lives. I have been privileged to live both in the day to day world and in ministry. But, guess what? Most of my opportunities came through my work as a builder in my day to day life.

It is important to realize that most people put up walls to people who are in ministry. To be truthful, in ministry, people want you to pray for them and solve their problems. In the secular world most people are not looking for you to solve their problems as to what they need to do. Most people look for that door. They are looking for advice our counsel.

I have found that in those moments in my day to day life, people are more open to hear the Gospel Message. You get to share your story. This is one awesome feeling knowing that Jesus used you to help someone find Him.

So, use that call on your life. You are called to use your vocation for His Glory, and you are called to make disciples. In essence, men, we are all called to advance His Kingdom.

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