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‘for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, being justified as a gift by His grace through the redemption which is in Christ Jesus; ‘ Romans 3:23-24

Grace, what a beautiful word.  It’s a word that turned the world upside down and is still doing it today if we allow it.  I needed grace so very much, this evening.  I needed Jesus’ grace for certain, but I needed grace from the one I am closest to, as well.  I was short, impatient and hurtful.  Why is it that we are the hardest on the ones we are dearest to.  I hate that about my nature and am determined to allow Jesus to work a change in my heart in its regard.  Fortunately, grace prevailed and forgiveness was the response.  However, that is not to be the end of it.  As Paul put it, “should we continue in sin so that grace should abound”?  When Jesus opens our eyes to sin and missteps, it is essential that we examine those missteps, consequences and responses and prayerfully pursue what we have been shown to be corrective action.  Otherwise, stuck we will stay.  Thankfully, Jesus saw grace as the answer, the only answer.  

I heard a pastor say once, that grace is Jesus’ gift, which we did not earn and do not deserve, but he gave freely all the same. Mercy is Jesus withholding that which we do deserve.  This world could use a whole lot of this  more from each and every one of us on full display to one another.  Grace.  Have a blessed weekend!

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