Helping Others

by | May 20, 2019 | Vital Men Devotions

Proverbs 3:27 New International Version (NIV)

27 Do not withhold good from those to whom it is due,
    when it is in your power to act.

It was one of those unique Sundays. Ever had one of those unique moments, and you were called to stand in it? That is what happened.

In today’s verse, we are challenged not to withhold from doing good in order to help someone. My wife and I had just finished the morning where I had done Pulpit Supply at a church in Albia. We were driving home and talking about where to eat. We made our choice.

We drove up a little before 12:00 thinking we had beaten the crowd. Wrong. To our surprise, there was a group of 12 young girls and their teacher, a couple, and a widowed women whom we had met before. We visited while waiting. This elderly woman needed to sit while she waited, but she was a regular, and she was getting her sandwich after attending church.

After around 25 minutes, we were finally moving forward in the line. We started to notice that the woman in front of us was having difficulty. My wife grabbed a tall chair for her to sit on as she went through the line ordering her sandwich and toppings. The place of business was a bit stuffy with little air movement. Then, this woman stated to my wife that she did not feel well. My wife helped her to a lower chair. Then another lady came over. She was a nurse. She helped by asking this woman some questions, and my wife got her some lemonade as instructed by this nurse. The woman began to feel a little better, but we were unsure about her driving herself home.

My wife told me to purchase the woman’s sandwich and get ours done. Then, after some discussion with the nurse, another man who had come to help, and my wife; we decided that I would drive this woman home. My wife would follow. So, we drove her home, and made sure she was safe. We also made sure she had someone to check on her, and she did. It was encouraging to see that after getting out of the restaurant and getting some fresh air, this woman began to feel better. Before we left, my wife gave her a hug. We had met this woman before when we visited the church she attends. We had also visited with her before when we had been at this restaurant to get a sandwich. It was an honor and a blessing to be where we were at the time of her need.

This was an ordained moment to serve. Helping others fills our heart. It is doing good that we are an extension of Christ.

Men, do not withhold good when it is in your power to help others. 

Strength and Courage



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