March 29, 2020: Hidden in the Story – John the Beloved

This morning our person hidden within the story is the disciple, John. He was part of the inner circle along with Peter and James. He was one of the Sons of Thunder because he had zeal and passion and ambition. He wanted to call down the thunder and destroyed the Samaritans, when they refuse to welcome his lord and savior, Jesus to their community. What a guy he must have been. He was passionately devoted to truth.

When John wrote, he emphasized the meanings of the events and the life of Jesus. For example, all four of the Gospels talks about feeding the 5000. But John records Jesus sermon that day of feeding the 5000, calling it the bread of life. There is one major theme that john wants his reader to get, and hear me on this, Jesus Christ is the Son of God, and if you commit yourself to Him, He will give you eternal life. Folks, if that doesn’t give you an encouraging word this morning, in the midst of what is going on, I tell you what, grab that verse, grab that commandment of life and just to understand that Jesus is with us every step of the way.

John is also calling himself the beloved. He is the one leaning on Jesus’s chest at the Last Supper. He loves Jesus so much that he wanted to be as close as he could to him. I love that just trying to get that image of what that must have been like on that day…

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