March 8, 2020: Hidden in the Story – Pilot’s Wife

Today we’re going to look at a woman who’s hidden in the story, a name that is never given to us. She is Pilot’s wife. That’s all we get as a name for her. Matter of fact, she has given only one verse in the Bible with only 31 words attached to what she says. What would history have looked like had Pilot listened and heeded the words of his wife? 

I have a special guest with us this morning. I want to give a big welcome this morning to Dorothy Garrison. She is here bright-eyed and excited about this morning, but it is early. Yes, it is early. Give us a little bit about who you are, what your life story is about, who you’re married to, and tell us a little bit about your children. And then tell us a little bit about your faith story this morning.

Well, I’m married to Sean Garrison. We have a business here in Oskaloosa, a cleaning business. We have five children. Our lives have totally been rearranged from what it was. Shawn and I have had quite a colorful past. When we both laid down our lives to Christ, we were transformed. I mean, every day we are continually changing. And it’s exciting. Every morning I get up and I’m just like, how’s God gonna change me today? Who can I touch today? Yes. So that’s exciting.

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