Purpose in Marriage

by | Sep 18, 2019 | Vital Men Devotions

Do you know what God said first to Adam and Eve in the Garden?  Some of you might think “Thou shalt not…” “Do not…” or “NO, NO, NO” There is something important about the first thing someone says. So to set this up a little. God told Adam that He was going to make him a helper.  He over delivered and gave Adam a beautiful naked woman while living in paradise. Then God brought Adam and Eve together and told them. 

 God blessed them and said to them, “Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it. Genesis 1:28

The first thing God did was give them VISION. Be fruitful and increase in number has more to it than sex, though sex was God’s idea.  PRAISE JESUS! It was generational in building the culture of God’s Kingdom in their children, grandchildren, and beyond.  “Fill the earth and subdue it” was vision to rule over the earth.  God gave them authority, creativity, and understanding to make a difference on the earth. He gave them a job.  It was not just Adam’s role but both Adam and Eve. God gave them unity by giving them a vision that would require each other’s unique gifts and talents. 

One of the reasons marriages struggle is a lack of common purpose.  God wants unity and the enemy wants division. What is division? Di- means two. So division means two visions.  Not one good and one bad, just two.  If you go on a walk with someone and have two visions of where to go, you will go separate ways and find yourself in two different places.  God wants you to have a vision for your future!  If you are married he wants to bring unity, passion, and purpose to both of you. 

So how do you find purpose?  Great question!  There are two things that unite, a common enemy and a common mission.  Here is a few questions to start with:
What do you both love? 
What do you both hate?
You might love kids and hate that kids don’t have family in their lives. Fostering might bring unity. 
You might love financial freedom and hate dept. You might find unity in helping others financially find freedom by teaching classes. 
You might love blessing marriages and hate divorce. You would make great marriage mentors. 
You might love entrepreneurship and hate when small business fail. You could mentor young business owners.

So what do you love and what do you hate? Common enemy and common mission will bring unity and purpose. If you spend your life united, you will have the marriage other people are inspired to have. If you spend your life serving others you will have a legacy others will be inspired to have.  So schedule some time this week to talk about what you love and hate. Pray that God would give you passion, purpose, and vision to bring Jesus glory as you serve others!

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