This Is The Day

by | May 2, 2016 | Vital Men Devotions

Psalm 118:24New International Version (NIV)

24 The Lord has done it this very day;
let us rejoice today and be glad.

This day I choose to rejoice. Obviously choosing is a choice on our own part. We have often heard this verse quoted, sang, and lifted up, but do we live it?
I am walking with the expectancy for what the Lord is going to do in our men’s event tonight at Vermeer Pavilion. Yes, I am hopeful that men will come, but this is what I hold onto today. The Bible says in Proverbs 16:9, ‘We can make our plans, but the Lord determines our steps’.
We have been making plans in the last few months for our event. We have put it on the radio, facebook, posters, and church bulletins. But now I submit it back to the Lord. He will determine our steps.
My hope and prayer have been for 300 men to come to our event. We have two great speakers in Andrew and Marty Schmidt, along with the band Now Serving 7. I believe for those who choose to come will be impacted.
I realize all the conflicts that occur with ball games, family outings, and whatever life puts in our path. It is all good stuff and much of it important. A good friend and pastor once said this to me, “Mike, rejoice in those that come and leave the rest to the Lord.”
Very good and sound advice. To those who have a night that allows them to come, I rejoice in that. To those who have other callings that pull them from tonight, blessings on your night. I choose this day to be glad in it!

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