Too Busy for Christmas – Dec 22, 2019 – In the Beginning

Jesus is present with God in the beginning in creation itself. As I said before, God is the architect, the designer, but Jesus is the builder and is there with God as He speaks it into existence. Like it says in Revelation 1:8, Jesus is the Alpha and the Omega, the first and the last, the beginning and end of creation. His Word reveals God’s heart and mind to us as he spoke things simply into existence itself. You see, no busy-ness in the words of God’s creation. Matter of fact, you see no words given to time itself. The beginning of creation of God Himself always existed. Now that’s hard to to wrestle with, isn’t it this morning to think that time itself has no existence? No time can hold him. Neither does creation itself. It all started in the first five verses in the book of John. It says the word gave life to everything that was created. So why do we think about this for a second? Why do we allow ourselves to get so busy in life? I think the devil, or the darkness itself has a perfect strategy to keep us busy, and in which we become busy and too busy for God…

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