We can’t do life alone…

by | Nov 23, 2016 | Vital Men Devotions

Imagine you meet someone that has not tried chocolate.  It has such a distinct flavor unlike any other.  You really cannot compare it so another flavor.  You know when this person tastes it their life is about to change.  But before they taste it they have no idea what they are missing, and they think you are over valuing it… Until they try it.

This it how I fell about groups! I meet Christians who attend Church but do not have a Spiritual family.  A family that we know and trust knows the four parts of us…

photo-1461948573049-a5ab4efb6150.jpegArena- I know and you know

I need people who know the real me.  We all have our public face.  It is not a fake us, but it is not the full us.  We show the world the parts of us we want to reveal

Romans 12:5 There are many people who belong to Christ. And yet, we are one body which is Christ’s. We are all different but we depend on each other.

Mask- I know, but you don’t know

When it comes to secretes, I am not safe if no one knows.  Fear is one thing that keeps us from sharing the real us.  If people knew my secretes, would they look at me different or would they tell other people. It doesn’t matter whether you follow sports, politics, or church leaders we all have seen what happens to people who keep secretes in the dark. 

James 5:16 Confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The earnest prayer of a righteous person has great power and produces wonderful results.

So who knows the real you?  Or do you keep people in the area version of you?  Do you keep people at arms length trying to protect yourself or your ego?  I want to encourage you today, it is like the chocolate you haven’t tasted.  When you get past the area and you let people in, you will find a level of life you never have before.  Unfortunately I have to be clear on something, the person you go to this level with is NOT a person of the opposite sex (unless you are married to them).  Engaged, promised, dating is not married!  Pick someone who can help you get where you are trying to go. 

Take off the mask.  Get the secrete out of the dark and let them loose their power.  Let confession bring healing.  I pray today you take courage and get the right people in your life and you let them into the real you!

Recklessly, obsessively following Jesus

Brandon Sereg

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