3 Guard Rails for Life

by | Aug 22, 2018 | Vital Men Devotions

Have you ever hit a guard rail?  Most of the time, we drive by them and don’t even notice.  Driving off the road is always dangerous, but when they add a guardrail it is really dangerous.  They know going fast enough you could loose your life if you go off the road in that spot.  You will never be more grateful for a guardrail than when you hit one.  Yes they ruin the side of your car but they save your life.
I think in life it is easy in life to treat our roads like our lives.  We only have guardrails that other people put in place for us.  What are the places that God has called us to put up some key guardrails in our own lives?
1 John 2:16  For the world offers only a craving for physical pleasure, a craving for everything we see, and pride in our achievements and possessions.These are not from the Father, but are from this world.
Here John identifies three places God has called us to place some guard rails.  Now I want to share how a friend of mine recommended my guard rails should be.  This is an older man of God that wants to protect me from these areas that could keep me from fulfilling what God has called me to. Here is what he shared:
1. I will not develop personal relationships with the opposite sex in an isolated place

I know this is culturally not popular, but it is wise.  Friendship involves intimacy of emotion and soul.  I made a promise with my wife 13 years to make her the only woman outside of my daughters who know my heart. The key word is isolated.  I have friends who are the opposite sex, but that is only in the context with my wife and not apart from it.  If you are single your guard rail will have to be different, but please marry your friend and not someone you have known for only a few weeks. 

2. I will not accept an attitude (in me) that someone owes me something or that I deserve something

God does not owe me anything, but I owe Him everything. He has not called me to use people to serve me or for things to be equal or fair.  He has called me to serve others and keep short accounts.  If there is a difference between give and take, I am called to give. 

3. When a win does not involve others, I have bumped up against the guardrail of my own pride, pursuing my personal success and achievements. 

Winning in life is not when I set up my success, but setting up the success of others.  Real achievement, legacy, and transcendence is found in giving until it hurts and risking on other people.  When I am motivated by making myself known and increasing my influence for my pride, I have actually compromised the gospel.  Jesus gave the model of what it means to serve others and not yourself.

So what guardrails do you need to add in your life to keep you from losing what you care most about. 

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