Do Not Compromise Your Moral Standards

by | Aug 26, 2021 | Vital Life Application Devotions


15 May the Lord be our judge and decide between us. May he consider my cause and uphold it; may he vindicate me by delivering me from your hand.”

16 When David finished saying this, Saul asked, “Is that your voice, David my son?” And he wept aloud. 17 “You are more righteous than I,” he said. “You have treated me well, but I have treated you badly. 18 You have just now told me about the good you did to me; the Lord delivered me into your hands, but you did not kill me. 19 When a man finds his enemy, does he let him get away unharmed? May the Lord reward you well for the way you treated me today. 20 I know that you will surely be king and that the kingdom of Israel will be established in your hands.

How you accomplish a goal is just as important as the goal, if not more. David was to become king of Israel. His men urged him to kill Saul. He had the chance in the cave. David refused. This was not being a coward. This was courage. David stood against the group to do what he knew to be right. He did not compromise his moral standard. He did not give into what the group wanted when he knew it was wrong. The act of killing Saul would have been wrong. The timing was wrong. The men who wanted David to kill the king were wrong. David knew this and remained steadfast. He knew his time of being king was coming. He knew he needed to trust God’s timing. Have you ever wanted to rush a decision? Have you ever followed a group, done something wrong, and regretted it later? It can be difficult when you have the majority around you doing something you know is not right, and you have to stand alone to do what is right. When you find yourself in these situations, ask God for guidance and wisdom. Focus on how you want to reach a goal in the right way and not just go with the crowd and rush a decision. You will feel better about yourself in the long run when you do not compromise your moral standard.

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