False Self VS True Self

by | Aug 7, 2018 | Vital Life Application Devotions

There is no true life apart from God. There must be your True Self in your relationship with God. A believer’s identity lives in our life giving relationship with God. An identity that is a part from God is a mirage and is a False Self.

The True Self will over come the False Self through a relationship with God.

The True Self receives security and significance through the deep love of God.

The True Self surrenders to God and lives out his or her calling.

The True Self knows that identity is who we are in Christ.

The True Self receives the love of God with gratitude and surrender.

The True Self is maintained by God’s grace.

The True Self embraces life as a process of transformation by God.


The False Self looks at what can be done in our own strength and what others think of us.

The False Self works for a life a part from God.

The False Self is more concerned about what others think we are.

The False Self is achieved through an illusion and is fake.

The False Self wants to control and to be a god.


The True Self can only be with a relationship with God. Jesus lived his entire life in a relationship with God.

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