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by | May 13, 2021 | Vital Men Devotions

This past weekend, many of us took a day to celebrate some of the most underappreciated people in our lives…the mothers.  Whether it was your own mother as you were growing up, or your wife and mother of your children, it is good to take a moment and celebrate the life of the one who gave us life.  When I was younger, I remember my father telling me that when he was a child, they would always take his mother out for a meal on mother’s day, which now kind of makes sense.  Kind of like…as a reward for cooking for us the other 360+ days this year, you don’t have to do it today!  During my dad’s generation, I guess the men didn’t cook as often.  We took the family down to my wife’s grandmother’s house where we had a potluck with extended family, so kind of similar?  So, what’s the best way you can show appreciation to your own mother? 

Honor your father and your mother, that your days may be long in the land that the Lord your God is giving you.  Exodus 20:12

What’s the best advice your mother gave you?  Whether she is still living or not, there are likely plenty of things you can hear your mother saying in your head right now.  If she is still alive, you may be fortunate to still call her and ask for advice on any number of things.  Most mothers are a bit overprotective and warn their children against any number of things, but at least someone does.  I recall a statistic about the number of Mother’s Day cards sent from prisons. Even though Mama Tried to show them the right way, they want to show one person they may have let down the most that they still care.  Even though we all rebel a little at some point, none of us really wants to disappoint our moms.  I also recall stories of great men in church history, like John and Charles Wesley, and how much of an influence their mothers were in their lives.  Whether we realize it or not, our mothers are a huge part of our development as children and help determine who we eventually become.  Even though they may take the blame for our shortcomings, they should also get credit for all the work they put in to us. 

The rod and reproof give wisdom, but a child left to himself brings shame to his mother. Proverbs 29:15

If there is any example of how we should live our lives as Christians, we could take quite a few notes from our own mothers.  Even though they are still sinners and imperfect people, the one most exemplifying love, patience, and self-sacrifice in our lives is usually our own mothers.  When we look over the list of the fruits of the Spirit, we can say we exhibit those things some of the time, but who shows us those qualities most often?  I recall my own mother at almost every meal I can recall, making sure everyone had everything they needed before even sitting down to eat.  She genuinely put others’ needs before her own every day.  In helping us understand how a perfect Father shows love to us, He gave us many examples in our own mothers to help us understand that better.  May you know and feel  and appreciate that love each day!

My son, keep your father’s command and do not forsake your mother’s teaching.  Proverbs 6:20

Yours in Christ,

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