True Manhood Part 4

by | Jun 24, 2019 | Vital Men Devotions

Titus 2:2 New International Version (NIV)

Teach the older men to be temperate, worthy of respect, self-controlled, and sound in faith, in love and in endurance.

This is the last segment on the writings of True Manhood. So let’s be real with each other. Men, being a provider is only part of our true manhood. Being the spiritual leader in our homes, being a man who guides, governing well, and guarding the family is what true manhood is all about. This is who we are in Christ.

We are in a day of emergency to true manhood. Men are losing sight of true manhood. We are falling in the ranks of complacency and allowing the enemy to take the day. Brothers, it is time to rise up.

In Titus 2:6 it says for us to encourage young men to live wise. How do we do that? Older men need to mentor them to live wise in the Lord, talk about marriage, and talk about raising a family.

Titus 2:7 says that you yourself must be an example. Do other men see you doing good works? Do they see you being kind? Do they see you walking in integrity? Do they see you being serious about reading your Bible and living it out?

Finally, in Titus 2:8 it says to teach truth so that your teaching cannot be criticized. This truth comes from God’s Word. It is not your truth. We live by God’s truth, and we live a life that reflects truth no one can criticize.

True manhood reflects Christ. It is a journey for every man. It raises men who live in self control and worthy of respect.

Live in true manhood and be the man of God you are!

Strength and Courage



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