Trust His Light

by | Aug 18, 2017 | Vital Men Devotions

Matthew 6:22,23 (NKJV) “The lamp of the body is the eye. If therefore your eye is good, your whole body will be full of light. 23 But if your eye is bad, your whole body will be full of darkness. If therefore the light that is in you is darkness, how great is that darkness!”

I was riding home on the bike the other evening, right at dusk.  As I rode along, I marveled at how difficult it was to see.  This is not a new observation, but the ponderance it led to is.  

In my opinion, this time of day is the most dangerous to be riding your bike.  For one, the deer are moving.  They are transitioning from their bedding to feeding areas.  There is just enough ambient light to drawn out your headlight and render it virtually useless.  However, there is not enough to enable you to see.  The colors blur together, contrast is lost and it is very hard to quickly discern things.  It’s this little bit of light that intrigued me, though.  You see for most, it’s just enough to lure them out, lead them into a false sense of security, make them believe they can see when they really cannot.  Therefore, off they go to “beat the dark.”

I couldn’t begin to count the number of times I’ve heard, “sun’s setting, we better get going before it gets dark.” These people are fooled into believing that weak glow that melts everything together, makes it so incredibly difficult to discern, is safer than a dark path illuminated by the headlight.  Guess what… it’s not.

So it is in our faith walk.  I believe so many are tempted to travel down the sunset lit path of life, lured by the illusion of blurred, dimly lit sight. When, they should have waited until darkness set in, and allow God to turn on the headlights at a time that we can realize how much better our sight can be.  So many get lured into easy believe-ism, or the notion, “well I’m not that bad… it’s only… I can always…”  So, they set off down the highway at dusk, full of false securities, hazarding their way to possible catastrophe.  

Isaiah 5:20 (NKJV) Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; Who put darkness for light, and light for darkness; Who put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!

To know your path fully and confidently, you need clear vision, a good light.  The light of dusk is a trap, an illusion.  Sometimes one must faithfully wait for the darkest hours and trust in His light to pierce through to spectacular clarity.  Have a blessed weekend 

In full pursuit of the greatest Trophy,

Scott Pace 

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