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by | Jun 4, 2016 | Vital Men Devotions


1 Thessalonians 5:19

Do not put out the Spirit’s fire

Today, I want to give tribute to a young man who’s life was taken at the early age of 26. His name is Matthew J. Rolffs. This young man was full of life. He lived in such a way that it reminded me of the Dodge Ram commercial, ‘Live life by the Horns’. That pretty well sums it up on how he saw life.

Often people come in and out of our lives. They are intertwined in right moments, challenging moments, and even those moments we do not understand. Some people stay for a time while others are with us moments in time.

This young man brought a mark to my life to push boundaries. He lived life in a way of abandonment. He lived it in such a way that he did not allow other people’s opinions or actions to detour him in the way he lived life.

Matt had a spirit in him, a spirit of fire. Every time he spoke and especially when he smiled, it was all over him. His spirit allowed God to be real in his life. It was not about religion. It was about relationship with the One True God.

This man’s life made a statement and a mark on my life. I pray that all of our lives are challenged in such a way that the Spirit’s Fire radiates from our own lives. Matthew J. Rolffs was a gift to all whom he touched in this life. Until we meet again, Matt. Your life made an impact in those 26 years you lived.

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