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The Kingdom of Heaven and The Red Sea Moment

The Kingdom of Heaven and The Red Sea Moment

When your back is against the wall and the enemy is hunting down. Now that God will deliver his people at such a time as this as it ways in the days of Moses at the Red Sea...

The Kingdom of Heaven and The Red Sea Moment

Prisoner to Prince

Today we look at the life of Joseph after he is brought to Egypt. Here Joseph goes from prisoner to prince, and experiences The Kingdom of God, elevating him to 2nd in command under Pharaoh.

The Kingdom of Heaven and The Red Sea Moment

Kingdom of God: Abraham

The Kingdom of God is at hand during our toughest hour! Today we will dive into how Abraham was tested by God. 

HOPE: Now What?

HOPE: Now What?

Join Mike Sereg and Pastor Bill Tvedt as they discuss current topics and Bible scripture. 

HOPE: Now What?

HOPE: I Still Believe!

We are living in a time that requires us to have crazy faith to stand for what we believe. Today's message aims to provide you the hope you need to have that crazy faith, and to stand and say I still believe!

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