Waiting on God’s Timing

by | Sep 24, 2021 | Vital Life Application Devotions


David Hears of Saul’s Death

After the death of Saul, David returned from striking down the Amalekites and stayed in Ziklag two days. On the third day a man arrived from Saul’s camp with his clothes torn and dust on his head. When he came to David, he fell to the ground to pay him honor.

“Where have you come from?” David asked him.

He answered, “I have escaped from the Israelite camp.”

“What happened?” David asked. “Tell me.”

“The men fled from the battle,” he replied. “Many of them fell and died. And Saul and his son Jonathan are dead.”

Then David said to the young man who brought him the report, “How do you know that Saul and his son Jonathan are dead?”

David had great faith in God. He waited on him to fulfill his promises. David had struggles from Saul’s jealousy, running from Saul, and living in enemy territory. David probably wondered about God’s promise during those difficult times, but David was finally rewarded for his patience and consistent faith in God. Are you struggling in life? Are you waiting on something to happen in your life? Waiting and being patient can be difficult, but keep your eyes on God and build your faith and trust in him. Know that God’s timing is perfect for you, and if you try to rush something, it will probably not turn out as good as if you had waited on God’s timing.

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