Who Do You Say I Am

by | Apr 10, 2017 | Vital Men Devotions

Mark 10:47New International Version (NIV)

47 When he heard that it was Jesus of Nazareth, he began to shout, “Jesus, Son of David, have mercy on me!”

Two man are recorded in the book of Mark and Luke crying out for help. Both men cried out, “Have mercy on me.” Yet, only one of the two men has his name recorded, Bartimaeas. He was the vocal one.

These two men were on the streets of Jericho. I can remember just a few weeks ago as I was on a pilgrimage in Israel and passing through the town of Jericho. It is literally an oasis in a desert land. Palm trees with dates are all over this small little town. It was a place that had water.

I can just picture these men along the road that leads to the city of Jerusalem. They heard that Jesus of Nazareth was coming through. They knew of the miracles he had done, so they cried out, “Have mercy on me.”

Jesus, full of compassion, tells them to come here. So, they get up and walk towards the Messiah. It says in scripture that they jumped up. They were totally blind and had to listen for his voice to know which way to go.

We see Jesus here asking, “What is it that you want?” The men replied, “I want to see!” Jesus does not touch them here. He speaks with authority, “Go, your faith has healed you.” It says in that moment, they could see.

From that moment on the blind, Bartimaeas, who could now see, follows Jesus down the road to Jerusalem. He knew that Jesus was the Son of God. The Messiah had passed through.

Today, what do you need? Who is Jesus to you? Are you willing to follow him? He is still listening and willing to heal. All you have to say, “Have mercy on me.” He will give it.

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