Avoid Retaliation or Striking Back in Revenge

by | Jul 20, 2021 | Vital Life Application Devotions


Saul was very angry; this refrain displeased him greatly. “They have credited David with tens of thousands,” he thought, “but me with only thousands. What more can he get but the kingdom?” And from that time on Saul kept a close eye on David.

10 The next day an evil spirit from God came forcefully on Saul. He was prophesying in his house, while David was playing the lyre, as he usually did. Saul had a spear in his hand 11 and he hurled it, saying to himself, “I’ll pin David to the wall.” But David eluded him twice.

12 Saul was afraid of David, because the Lord was with David but had departed from Saul.

Saul began to be jealous of David. Jealousy starts as you resent a rival. Then, it leads to wanting that rival removed. Jealousy can move to wanting to harm the other person. Saul tried to kill David because of his jealousy of David. David was popular, and the people applauded David’s accomplishments. Saul attacked David. He was intimidated by him. When a person is jealous of another, they become conscious of their shortcomings, and they are intimidated by the other person’s strengths. A person who has allowed jealousy to grow may strike out or attempt to ruin the person they are jealous of. What do you do if you are jealous of someone else, or you have someone who is jealous of you? First, do not strike out at that person or do not strike back at that person. Ask God for strength to love the other person. Take time to look at what God has given you for strengths and accomplishments. Do not compare yourself. Look at your blessings and your relationship with God. Avoid retaliation or revenge. Both are very empty and draining. You think you will feel better if you hurt the other person or retaliate if they hurt you, but in actuality, you will feel worse for the wear. David never did strike back a Saul. He kept respecting him and loving him. David remained hearty and full of blessing. Saul became drained and a wreck. What do you choose?

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