Work – Aug 4, 2019 – Introduction

We’re going to look at that James this morning, we’ll see how trouble in life will give you two options. Isn’t that true? Your outlook will determine your outcome, and how attitude will determine action. So let’s get started this morning, as we study in the book of James and we’ll look at what it says what Jesus his brother his his half brother says about work. So my first point today is this work for Jesus.

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Freedom – July 14, 2019 – Freedom in Christ

Mike Sereg talks about living your life with true freedom, freedom in Christ. 

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Freedom – July 7, 2019 – God the Father

Mike Sereg talks about the freedom we all have in God the Father. 

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What’s Your Poison? – June 30, 2019 – Social Media Addiction

Mike Sereg addresses social media and the ongoing battle and consequences relating this type of addiction.

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What’s Your Poison? – June 23, 2019 – Tobacco Addiction

Mike Sereg and special guest Charlie McMillan talk about the challenges of tobacco addiction. Live from KBOE Radio on Sunday, June 23, 2019

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