Do You Follow Commands That Violate God’s Laws?

by | Jul 22, 2021 | Vital Life Application Devotions


Saul Tries to Kill David

19 Saul told his son Jonathan and all the attendants to kill David. But Jonathan had taken a great liking to David and warned him, “My father Saul is looking for a chance to kill you. Be on your guard tomorrow morning; go into hiding and stay there. I will go out and stand with my father in the field where you are. I’ll speak to him about you and will tell you what I find out.”

Jonathan spoke well of David to Saul his father and said to him, “Let not the king do wrong to his servant David; he has not wronged you, and what he has done has benefited you greatly. He took his life in his hands when he killed the Philistine. The Lord won a great victory for all Israel, and you saw it and were glad. Why then would you do wrong to an innocent man like David by killing him for no reason?”

Is it ever right to disobey a person in leadership of a parent? Jonathan disobeyed his father, Saul. It is clear in Scripture, if someone asks you to break God’s laws, you obey God rather than man. When you are old enough to know and be accountable to see through deception, it is better to obey God’s laws than to disobey. Be respectful and helpful, but do not follow commands or advice that violate God’s laws. Are you struggling with following a person who violates God’s commands? Is this person in leadership or a parent? Are you seeing this person breaking God’s commands? Is this person asking you to disobey God’s laws? Are you reaping the consequences of this person breaking God’s laws? This can be a very difficult situation because on one hand this person may hold a leadership position or may be a parent, and on the other hand, you know that you see deception against what God says in Scripture. What do you do? Stand in what you know to be Truth and Righteousness through God. Take time to know God’s heart every day by reading His Word. Reading God’s Word daily helps his heart become your heart, and you will know right from wrong. Be respectful and helpful to others as you stand in God’s Truth. Love your neighbor as you love yourself. Forgive others who sin against you. Stay steady in the storm. Put God first. 

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