Light in the Darkness

by | Nov 28, 2016 | Vital Men Devotions

1 John 1:5New Living Translation (NLT)

Living in the Light

This is the message we heard from Jesus[a] and now declare to you: God is light, and there is no darkness in him at all.

God’s light was sent to mankind by His Son Jesus Christ. He literally sent light into a dark world. I do not know about you, but that statement literally blows me away.

I can remember one time when I was in a deep cavern in the Ozarks. We went down by an elevator to the bottom. Obviously they had a light on, but for a moment they turned them off. It was total darkness. We could no longer see anything. It was completely dark.

Eventually they turned the lights back on, but what comes to mind for me in that experience is that God the Father is the source of light. In the light comes truth.

As we look to this coming Christmas season, I am reminded at not only the babe in the manger, but the Father who is the very source of truth sent His light.

So, I have this question for us to think about this morning. Do our lives walk not only in God’s truth, but in His light? Do we make choices to walk away from darkness?

When Jesus is Lord of our lives, light penetrates us. Like the Father who sent His Son to bring light, so does the Holy Spirit in our lives. We become walking flashlights in dark places.

Are you getting this men? The Holy Spirit is the battery in the flashlight of our souls that brings light in our world today. Be God’s light, men. When the light is in us so is the truth.

Strength and Courage



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