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Proverbs 2:4New International Version (NIV)

and if you look for it as for silver
    and search for it as for hidden treasure,

It is obvious this portion of the Bible is talking about the wisdom of God, but for me, I also like to think of treasure in my spouse. As men, we like to go and divide and conquer in our work and life.

I have always regarded my wife as a treasure from the Lord. She is a help mate, my companion, and the love of my heart. But we can get in a rut in the road and continue through life and assume our wives just know we treasure them.

The greatest gift that I can give to my wife, the treasure, is to help her know I have got her spiritually. What I mean by that is I pray for her daily, and I also pray with her daily. That has become the most special moments in our marriage.

When we pray, it is not about the kids or every day life. I pray a hedge of protection over her. I pray for her physical health. I also pray against the enemy. I pray about 2-3 minutes over her. Men, my wife knows where she is in my heart. She is a treasure.

I want you to think about this challenge in praying with your wife. Yes, at first it is a little awkward, but I promise that you will get over it quick. By praying over your wife, men, it can be some of the most special moments of your day.

Lead, men. That is the key that opens the treasure.

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